The International Water Association (IWA) and the Association Scientifique et Technique Pour l'Eau et l'Environnement (ASTEE) of France are pleased to announce the seventh biennial IWA Efficient Conference: "Water Efficiency Strategies for Difficult Times."

The conference will be held October 22-25, 2013 in Paris.

During this difficult period where global economies are struggling, population growth is continuing to increase, formerly predictable water resource conditions are changing, and energy costs for supplying and treating drinking water and wastewater are rising, communities are facing tremendous challenges to meet the growing water demand in an affordable way.
This conference will present the experiences and accomplishments of recognized experts in different countries in improving water use efficiency and dealing with the challenges of drought. More than 190 high quality papers from 35 different countries will be presented (oral presentations and posters) on topics related to policies and regulations, planning, efficient technologies, best management practices, alternative water resources, the water and energy nexus, climate change and drought adaptation, water loss and network management, and public involvement.

We invite you to join us in Paris in 2013.
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There are ten topic themes that will form the main sessions of the conference

Developing Water Efficient Strategies thanks to:

  1. Policies & Legislation
  2. Planning & implementation
  3. Best management practices
  4. Non revenue water, leakage and pressure management
  5. Alternative Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment/Disposal
  6. Climate change and drought adaptation
  7. Water and energy nexus
  8. Efficiency in the wastewater sector
  9. Efficiency in the agriculture sector
  10. Public involvement

These topics are different fields and ways of action which considered alone or in combination, will help increasing the overall efficiency of the water resources, aquatic ecosystems and water uses.

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