IWA International Conference on Water Efficiency and Performance Assessment of Water Services
April 20-24, 2015, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


IWA announces the first joint conference of Efficient2015 and PI2015, to be held April 20-24 in beautiful and historic Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.  A product of the Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group, the Efficient Conference has since 2001 been the premier water efficiency conference worldwide.  The PI (or Performance Indicator) Conference has been drawing international expertise from the Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Specialist Group.

The purpose of the joint conference is to explore ways in which water efficiency can be better measured and benchmarked, but all topics on water efficiency and performance assessment are welcome. The closing date for submission of abstract is November 15, 2014.  File an abstract now!


Developing water efficient strategies in:

  • Policies & legislation
  • Planning & implementation
  • Best Management Practices
  • Measurement of efficiency programs
  • Non-revenue water, leakage and pressure management
  • Alternative water supply and wastewater treatment/disposal
  • Climate change and drought adaptation
  • Water and energy nexus
  • Efficiency in the agriculture sector
  • Public involvement


Performance assessment/benchmarking tools in:

  • Regulation
  • Managing service contracts
  • Improving water services
  • Small water services
  • Service provision to the urban poor
  • Infrastructure asset management
  • Decision support tools
  • Organizational performance and benchmarking
  • Technology and innovation
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Low and medium income countries

For further information about the requirements for abstracts, please visit the conference website: www.iwaefficient.com/2015


Cincinnati Fountain Tyler Davidson Genius of WaterThe International Water Association has officially announced that the global Efficient2015 conference will be held for the first time in North America April 20-24, 2015. This conference is a flagship event for water efficiency professionals worldwide, and in 2015 will be a joint conference with the Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Specialist Group. Titled “Water Efficiency and Performance Improvement: Smart Strategies for the 21st Century” the joint conference will feature a special workshop to develop performance assessment metrics for water efficiency. Please mark your calendar and plan to present a paper!  We need presentations and posters on a wide variety of topics.

Abstracts are due by October 15, 2014. Download the Call for Papers at the conference web site: www.efficient2015.com.  More information about the conference to follow soon.


Please join us at the World Water Congress in Lisbon from September 22-25, 2015 and attend our meetings of the Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group.  These meetings will discuss planning the next Efficient conference in April 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio and the other strategic projects on water efficiency.

  1. Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group Open Meeting: Wednesday, September 24 at 13:30-15:00 in Room 0.07 of the Convention Center.
  2. Open Joint Meeting with the Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Specialist Group to discuss Water Efficiency Metrics:  Thursday, September 25 at 13:30-15:00 in Room 0.07 of the Convention  Center.  This meeting will be an important first meeting to scope out what work needs to happen in this important area.  We will hold a workshop[ in Cincinnati and this is a planning meeting to explore the water efficiency metrics issues.
  3. Open Water Loss Specialist Group Meeting:  Monday at 13:30-15:00 in Room 0.07 of the Convention Center.

The World Water Congress will also have some great presentations and workshops in our topic area.  See this link for more information:


Mary Ann Dickinson
IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group



September 12, 2013


Register Now to Attend the Efficient2013 Conference

It is not too late to register now to attend the 7th biennial Efficient2013 Conference, which will be held October 22-25 in the beautiful city of Paris, France.  The registration fee includes admission to all sessions and workshops, lunch every day at the conference, an evening reception, a satchel, and a pen drive with all the presentations.  Discount registrations are also available for students and Young Professionals.

Please visit http://www.iwaefficient.com/2013/ for more conference information and to register.  We would love to see you there!


Specialist Group Meeting at the Efficient2013 Conference

We are holding an open meeting of the Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group on Thursday, October 24 from 18:30 to 19:30 in the Gemini Room of the Conference Center.  All specialist group members are welcome to attend. Discussion will occur on a number of items, including planning for the next  Efficient2015 conference and developing a strategic plan on water efficiency and management issues.

See you in Paris!

Mary Ann Dickinson
IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group


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May 2, 2013


Efficient 2013

Plans are progressing nicely for the Efficient2013 Conference which will be held on October 22-25 in Paris, France.  Registration is now officially open!  Please visit the Efficient2013 registration page to register for this conference.  We are expecting a sell-out crowd, and we may close off registrations if we exceed the capability of the conference center.  So register early and guarantee your spot at this fabulous conference!

Over 400 abstracts were submitted, a record number for the Efficient conference series.  191 papers were selected by the Scientific Committee for presentation from 35 countries.  Competition is so keen for speaking spots that we have had to institute a rule of no more than one paper per author.


Specialist Group Strategic Planning Survey

The Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group will be conducting a strategic planning exercise in 2013.  The results will be presented at the Efficient2013 conference in Paris.  Dr. Stuart White of the Institute for Sustainable Futures in Sydney, Australia and Vice Chair of the Specialist Group, will be leading the effort.  He is seeking your opinions on topics and issues for the Strategic Plan.

Click here to access the survey and add your views!


Mary Ann Dickinson
IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group


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South East Queensland Residential End Use Study: Final Report

Dr. Cara Beal and Associate Professor Rodney Stewart have recently presented the final report “South East Queensland Residential End Use Study”. The report can be downloaded from the Urban Water Security Research Alliance website (http://www.urbanwateralliance.org.au/publications/UWSRA-tr47.pdf), and it contains the development and final results of a main study, which was partially presented by Dr. Beal at Efficient 2011 Conference in Dead Sea, Jordan.

For three successive seasons, winter 2010, summer 2010-11 and winter 2011, water consumption of a sample of about 250 houses was monitored by means of high resolution smart meters and remote data transfer loggers.

Context, materials, field-work, methods, analysis and results are explained through sixteen chapters and three appendices. Every aspect of water consumption is reviewed; beyond per household and per capita average consumption figures. Areas covered in the report include peak demand ratios, average daily diurnal patterns, impact of efficient fixtures, influence of socio-demographic conditions, flow rate clustering and energy-GHE link. The work has received widespread international interest and is believed to be the first study that combines high resolution smart metering with detailed psycho-social analysis (an aligned research project: http://www.urbanwateralliance.org.au/publications/UWSRA-tr40.pdf) to better understand the drivers and behaviours of residential water consumption and conservation.


Efficient 2013 – Call for papers

The International Water Association (IWA) and the Association Scientifique et Technique Pour l’Eau et l’Environnement (ASTEE) of France are pleased to announce the seventh biennial IWA Efficient Conference: “Water Efficiency Strategies for Difficult Times.” The conference will be held October 22-25, 2013 in Paris.

Efficient 2013 will benefit professionals involved in all aspects of water and wastewater efficiency planning and management. The agenda will include a wide range of topics related to policies and regulations, planning, efficient technologies, best management practices, alternative water resources, the water and energy nexus, climate change and adaptation to resource variability, water loss and network management, and public involvement. The conference will also host an exhibition to showcase the latest water and energy-efficient products, services, and technologies.

The Call for Papers is already open and the website is ready for abstract submission.
Presenters must file abstracts on‐line by January 15, 2013.

All information available at: www.iwaefficient.com/2013


Events at the World Water Congress in Busan

Efficient Specialist Group Open Meeting
Wednesday, September 19, from 12:45 to 14:15 in Room 9                                            Progress with the Efficient2013 conference in Paris will be discussed as well as latest news, the future strategic direction of the Specialist Group and some key issues and projects.

Session on Water Conservation and Demand Management
Wednesday, September 19, from 9:20 to 10:45 in Room 11.                                        Topics and speakers:

  • Proposal of a systematic methodology to estimate apparent losses due to water meter inaccuracies – Francisco Arregui, Spain
  • Cost Efficiency in Water Efficiency – Martin Conner, Australia
  • Managing long-term capacity in the age of conservation – Xin Qiao, US
  • Behaviour Change Programs for Water Efficiency: Findings from North West and Metropolitan Residential Programs in Western Australia – Goen Ho, Australia

Workshop on Forecasting and Managing the Future: Water Demand and Tariffs
Wednesday, September 19, from 9:20 to 1:45 in Room 7                                       Workshop Leaders: Francisco Cubillo and Stuart White

Workshop on AquaRating: An innovative system for assessing utility practice and performance
Thursday, September 20, from 14:15 to 15:45 in Room 12                                            Chair: Tom Williams

Dialogue Session on AquaRating
Tuesday, September 18, from 14:15 to 15:00 at the Development Hub

Workshop on Creating Operationally Smart networks — today and in the future
Thursday, September 20, from 9:15 to 10:45 in Room 9                                         Workshop Leader: Jo Parker


Welcome to the official site of the IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group.

The Efficient Urban Water Management SG was reformed in 2011 and is now developing several new initiatives and taskforces. Its basic mission is to encourage the interchange of knowledge, research, best practices and programs regarding efficient management and use of water in urban zones. A main area of interest is exploring and promoting new technological solutions for urban drinking water supply and wastewater sanitation systems.

Topics like end use efficiency, customer demand management, level of service, network asset management, water losses management, performance assessment, environment impacts, economics, social preferences and involvement, water resource planning, and program design are all integrated under the Efficient SG umbrella. Devoted to promoting practical solutions for utilities, the SG also seeks to involve broad stakeholder interests and knowledge.

The main forum for the SG is the biennial Efficient Conference, which has been successfully held every two years since 2001. The last conference was located in Jordan in March, 2011 where 618 attendees from 32 countries participated.  The next conference will be held October 22-25, 2013 in Paris.